Make Your Laugh Lines Disappear

The first time we mentioned the personal cell therapy known as LAVIV it was showing promising potential in treating acne scars. Now, it's being touted as an alternative to facial fillers like Restylane and Juvederm to remove laugh lines. And it's FDA approved.

What's special about LAVIV is that your own cells are used in the treatment. A doctor takes a biopsy from the patients skin, typically from behind the ear, and then sends it off to a lab for three months where the cells are processed, grown and multiplied. From there, the lab-multiplied, collagen-producing fibroblasts are injected into the patient's face once a month for another three months.

Rather than just filling the problem area and producing only a temporary result, the live cellular tissue that's injected both fills and regenerates. That means that LAVIV can produce a longer lasting result!

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