Correct Cheek Concerns With Injectables

Cheek augmentation is a popular procedure since it reinstates lost volume, making the cheeks look fuller and younger. Depending on the current state of your face, there are multiple ways to enhance your cheeks. If the problem at hand is strictly a loss of fat, then injectables can plump up the cheeks. On the flip side, when the skin on the mid-face is loose and accompanied by more extreme volume loss, surgery, like a facelift, is necessary to address all the concerns.

If you have flat, sunken cheeks, then choose fillers like Perlane or Radiesse. Both hyaluronic acid fillers and collagen-stimulating fillers can add dimension and definition to cheeks that have become flat and sunken over time. After injections, your cheeks will be instantly fuller with a natural contour to them. Collagen-stimulating fillers last longer (12 to 18 months) than hyaluronic acid fillers, but neither is permanent.

If you have saggy cheeks with loose skin, then choose a facelift with fat transfer. A facelift helps to improve the look of the cheeks by tightening up the underlying muscle and tissue. But, since surgery alone can't restore any volume that's been lost, most plastic surgeons choose to add fat to the cheeks too, which can be done at the same time. You can expect dramatic improvement that lasts indefinitely. But, there is a significant amount of downtime involved with the procedure.

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  • Marsha Hull
    Posted on

    It sounds like the person who did your fillers treated the areas as isolated individual places, instead of as a 3D space. Starting at the top of the face downward. The eye hollows needed to be addressed before the cheeks in this instance, to get a blended natural effect.

  • dr madiha rao
    Posted on

    answer to the second comment if filler is put high up near to the eye hollow it can also help improve the look of the dark under eye hollow.this is what i do all the time.

  • Rebecca Fitzgerald Rebecca Fitzgerald
    Posted on

    Cheek definition certainly makes a difference in the entire facial "glamour quotient"! Some women are genetically endowed with plump cheeks that keep them looking young and fresh-faced their entire lives. But for most of us, that's not the case and the volume loss can be startling when we compare our younger selves with our older selves. Cheek augmentation with fillers is certainly simple. The options include collagen stimulatory products like Sculptra (which takes a while to do it's job); Radiesse, which is an immediate high density filler and the Hyaluronic gels, also immediate but not as long lasting as the first two. One thing to be mindful of in electing cheek augmentation is to remember that there are adjacent fat compartments in the face that likely also lost volume, so only addressing one issue is often not going to provide a seamless and fully natural looking outcome. Think of your face as a puzzle where all the pieces need to fit together to make the whole picture. Also, taking care of volume-deplenished adjacent areas will extend the augmentation in the cheeks.

  • jen
    Posted on

    owrks fo me

  • January
    Posted on

    Mind you, if you have dark circles, cheek augmentation will actually PRONOUNCE the hollows. This happened to me. Although the augmentation looked fairly good, the hollows of the eyes became more apparent, in which I'm considering going back and getting fillers under the eyes as well. I think I would have been better off without the augmentation at all (I'm only 26). My theory is that fillers make a person who looks tired and stressed yet their age, into someone who looks older yet good for their age. It's a weird affect. Not sure how else to explain it.

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