Get The Shape You Want With This Undergarment

35-22-35. The measurements that have mesmerized us for decades belong to the fabulously curvy Marilyn Monroe. Now, an import from Colombia, a cosmetic surgery hotspot, is quickly growing in popularity to help women get their desired shape too.

The “faja,” an undergarment that covers the area underneath the breasts to below the hips, was originally created for men and women to wear after a liposuction procedure to help reduce swelling and ensure proper skin tightening. But now women wear it to help create a slimmer and smoother look-much like how one would wear a corset.

Upon its creation, the faja was all the rage within the Latina population, but now it has become trendy with the population as a whole. While many faja wearers claimed that it caused discomfort and pain for the first couple of days, they reported that it becomes more tolerable as it loosens up.

The faja is available in a variety of shapes, styles and fabrics such as Lycra, cotton, nylon and latex. Depending on which one you choose they tend to be priced from $20 to $70.

Would you try one out to look slimmer?

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