Tom Cruise Says No To Plastic Surgery

"I haven't and I never would." A strong stance for a high-profile leading actor to profess against plastic surgery to a men's magazine, especially when cosmetic procedures are embraced and performed so often on Hollywood's leading ladies. Not to mention the fact that more men than ever before are opting for cosmetic enhancements like facelifts, ear surgeries and soft tissue filler treatments, according to recent reports from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Tom Cruise recently declared this stance against plastic surgery, and while he certainly looks as handsome as he did during his Top Gun days, we thought it interesting to see what he would look like if he didn't say no to a couple of cosmetic procedures. Using our handy Instant Makeover Tool, we gave Tom a liquid lift. To the left you can see him before (as he is today) and after (with enhancement from injectables).

He looks great either way, but what do you think-Does Tom look better before or after? Do you think wrinkles on men are sexy?

Cosmetic Surgery's New Growing Demographic