Gentler Liposuction With A Water-Based Breakthrough

Some plastic surgeons have started implementing a new method into their liposuction procedures, with the goal of less patient discomfort and more precise contouring. The technology, called Body-Jet, loosens fat with a gentle stream of water.

With Body-Jet, in addition to the cannula suctioning out fat, a pulsed water spray irrigates the fat tissue. Doctors have reported benefits such as less swelling, less downtime, and even fewer lumps that would otherwise need to be corrected in an additional procedure.

One of the most notable benefits, however, is Body-Jet's potential role in fat transfer procedures. It allows doctors to retrieve more viable fat, because it allows fat cells to stay intact better than with traditional liposuction. Additionally, the recovered fat does not have to go through a time-consuming centrifugal process before being transfered, allowing the grafting or injection to occur immediately.

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