Fresh Breath For Far Longer

The feeling you get after using mouthwash is pretty invigorating. You feel like you can refresh the world with one gentle breath. But it's not long before you're back to a taste in your mouth that ranges from mediocre to foul.

Why can't that minty bliss last longer?

Scope has met that challenge with their Outlast mouthwash. Not only do the two minty flavors make your mouth yummy, but they leave you feeling fresher much longer than other rinses. That means more confidence and less chance of offending anyone you get close to.

A must the morning of a job interview or before a date, Scope Outlast comes in a cool genie-esque bottle that cannot be ignored when sitting on your sink. It's a good reminder to get swishing, because your breath won't be lastingly fresh unless you actually use it.