Excessive Sweating And Skin Infections

As if people with hyperhidrosis didn't already have enough frustrations-embarrassing, uncomfortable, excessive sweating-now a study has revealed that those with the condition are also significantly more prone to skin infections.

There have been numerous studies on the social and psychological impact of hyperhidrosis, but a team of Iowa dermatologists chose to focus on its medical repercussions. To do so, they reviewed the records of 800 patients, about half with hyperhidrosis and half without.

Their findings reveal that those diagnosed with excessive sweating are almost three times more likely to develop a bacterial, fungal or viral skin infection.

While these infections can be treated relatively easily, experts stress that visiting a dermatologist at the earliest signs of hyperhidrosis symptoms can play an important role in preventing infections altogether. Treatments for excessive sweating include Botox, ultrasound-assisted liposuction, and prescription-strength antiperspirants.

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