Cosmetic Surgery Concierge On The Rise

Concierge and boutique-style healthcare isn't new. Many medical practices offer concierge services, like on-demand appointments, house calls and booking hotel stays, flights and transportation for out-of-town patients. But one area where concierge-style service has been missing is within the cosmetic surgery industry.

The idea of a concierge service is not to walk in and get cosmetic treatments without being properly evaluated. But imagine if you could go to a practice and be seen immediately for a consultation to get answers to your questions. A greeter welcomes you to the practice and signs you up for the appointment of your choice. Then experts are on standby at regularly scheduled intervals throughout the day.

“Right now, it's more for nonsurgical services,” says Grand Rapids, MI, plastic surgeon Bradley Bengtson, MD. The concept “is essentially like a Genius Bar at an Apple store. When you walk in, instead of openings for iPhone, iPod and Mac [troubleshooting] you see openings for appointments for Botox, Juvéderm, laser and skin-care evaluations,” he says. Depending on the case, appropriate candidates may be able to receive treatment that same day.

While few practices currently offer this service, many have begun allowing walk-ins, so the next step of nonsurgical services on demand is not far off.