Top 4 Tummy-Trimming Tricks

We all want a tighter, more toned midsection. But that's not easy to achieve. Here are four surefire ways to start trimming your middle today:

Work it off: You know you can't avoid it-you need to exercise to tone your abdominal muscles. Specifically, cardiovascular exercise to shed the fat and crunches, standing abs or core work to define the midsection. Incorporate the plank (in which you're stretched out, balancing on your elbows and toes) and mountain climbers (where you're on all fours and “running” your knees to your chest) into your workout routine.

Cleanse: A detox like the all-organic Ritual Cleanse juice is full of fiber and nutrients that will leave you feeling refreshed and fuller longer.

Hit the spa: Want immediate, although temporary, results? Next time you're checking out the spa menu, look for a “slimming” or “weight-loss” wrap, in which the body is tightly wrapped during the treatment that leaves you feeling lighter.

Attack stubborn fat and excess skin: Many variations of the tummy tuck are available today, from mini tucks that target the area below the belly button, to those that extend to the love handles. This procedure can be especially effective for difficult-to-reduce, unsightly skin that appears after pregnancy.

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