The Trouble With Plastic Surgery Tourism

In 2010, Americans spent about $10.7 billion on cosmetic procedures, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. More than $6.6 billion of that total was spent on surgical procedures like breast augmentation, tummy tucks, liposuction, and the like.

Performed by a licensed, board-certified plastic surgeon, these procedures don't come cheap. However, most patients who have gone under the knife agree that the high price was well worth it, considering their final results and the peace of mind they got by minimizing the potential risk of complication that comes along with any surgery.

Because plastic surgery can be expensive, many people seek cheaper options, sometimes turning to unlicensed surgeons in the U.S. and in foreign countries. It's known as plastic surgery tourism and it's becoming increasingly popular. The Internet lends a hand in making these cheaper options seem legitimate in a time of economic hardship, but buyers need to beware.

Unfortunately, there aren't any available statistics on the deaths and complications that result from plastic surgery tourism, but they do, indeed, happen. If you're considering plastic surgery, it is vital that you do your research. Learn more about choosing the right doctor here.