Create A Shapely Butt

If you've always felt like your backside was a little lacking and wanted to take fat from another body part and move it there, now you can. But not everyone is a candidate for the procedure, which is sometimes referred to as the Brazilian butt lift.

“You really need to have enough fat that can be suctioned out and transplanted into the backside. If you don't have enough fat, an implant can be used, but they, too, have risks and complications that can arise,” says La Jolla, CA, plastic surgeon Reza Sadrian, MD. He stresses that this is one procedure that can have a tougher and longer recovery period due to some limitations on sitting or laying on your backside for several weeks. Before the notion of transferring fat caught on, implants were often the method of choice for augmentation, but more experts agree that fat makes for a more natural-looking end result since it's softer and more compatible with the body. In order for a good outcome, it's imperative that any transplanted fat be placed near the muscle so that there is good blood support.

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