Can Stretchmarks Be Prevented?

Unsightly stretchmarks may be an inevitable fact of life, since there is a genetic component to them, but you may be able to minimize their appearance with the right plan of attack. Stretchmarks are small tears in the dermis that result when the fat or muscle beneath the skin is growing at a faster rate than the skin itself. Ranging in size from fine lines to thick waves, stretch marks can vary in color and transition from dark to light with time. But regardless if they are new or old, they are permanent. As of late, there is no one proven way of fully preventing stretchmarks. But take these tips into consideration:

• Try to keep any weight changes slow and steady.

• Avoid hormone therapies, including oral contraceptives, if there is a strong family history of stretchmarks.

• Keeping the skin well-hydrated and using collagen-stimulating topical products may help to some degree.

• Eat foods rich in vitamins C and E and zinc, which are all known to increase collagen production and aid in supple skin.

• Massaging the skin with a massage brush can increase circulation.

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