What's The Right Age For A Necklift?

In the quest for a smooth, ageless face, sometimes the area from the chin to the chest is forgotten. But the saggy, crepey skin that may develop on your neck can be difficult to conceal, and is often a giveaway to your real age. But what's the right age to consider a necklift?

Liposuction can get rid of accumulated fat in the neck in those with good skin elasticity and tone, but it does not improve the underlying structure; tightening of the muscle can only be addressed with a necklift. Naples, FL, facial plastic surgeon Kriston J. Kent, MD, warns that waiting too long to have a necklift performed can greatly affect the results you'll achieve. “A necklift is best for healthy people who find themselves with neck laxity due to normal aging. These patients generally do not have a great deal of excess fat or large muscle bands, and they do not wait until the condition is quite bad,” he says, stressing that, while every patient is unique and cannot be categorized, the ideal time to have a necklift is before “10 years of aging” has occurred. In most, this is between the ages of 45 and 55.

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    The sagging aging neck or loss of the youthful neckline angle is typically due to excessive fat or lax musculature in the neck region or a combination of the two. Although everyone's neck ages to some degree, the degree of aging depends significantly on genetics and lifestyle. Even though sun exposure can influence the skin of the aging neck, weight loss and gain plays a more significant role in the loss of the deep neck structure and overall neck angle. Excessive weight gain will actually stretch the neck muscles out as seen with bariatric patients after they have lost their weight. The age at which these lifestyle or programmed genetic changes occur can vary significantly, so in the end it's the appearance of the patient, not their specific age, that determines the procedure. Therefore maintaining a healthy lifestyle with proper weight control is critical to delaying or possibly avoiding neck surgery.

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    It is true, ageing necks can give your age away. The neck is often the first part of the face that shows signs of aging. Deterioration of the skin from chronic sun exposure, increase prominence of the platysma muscle bands and decrease in skin elasticity are the most common signs. Whether a neck lift is performed alone or in conjunction with a face lift the results can take years of someones appearance.

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