Is Hyaluronic Acid The Key To Looking Younger?

It's naturally found in the body and necessary for maintaining smooth, plump skin. Thanks to research and advancements in cosmetic dermatology, hyaluronic acid-available in supplement, cream and injectable form-is a mainstay in the war against aging. Because hyaluronic acid binds to and absorbs water, it a gives a fullness and plumpness to the skin that we are constantly trying to replicate as the effects of aging intrude. When there are ample amounts of hyaluronic acid in the skin, it is plump and smooth with good support.

What it is: Hyaluronic acid is actually a sugar that attracts water molecules to provide a plump, spongy effect to skin.

How it plumps: As water is absorbed by the acid, volume is created, acting in the same manner as how a sponge soaks up water and becomes full to even out every crevice. When the skin is young, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the body is abundant, which is why the skin has a nice plump look to it.

When levels drop: As hyaluronic acid levels drop and the body begins to produce less of it, the effects give way to skin that can look crepey, dry and laden with lines and wrinkles, with an overall lack of support.

An aged appearance: “A deficiency of hyaluronic acid, coupled with the effects of aging, can really give way to an aged appearance and make you look older than you may be,” says New York dermatologist Roy G. Geronemus, MD.

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  • Frenchie
    Posted on

    I have been blessed with fair, oily, acne prone skin, unfortunately. You name it, I've tried it - just about every product out there, which, in itself, is not so good for my skin. I just discovered Hyaluronic acid completely by accident. I am impressed!!! I've had this really bad breakout on the side of my neck since July, that would just not go away. Since I began usingI use the Lady Soma Renewal Serum (which has the Hyaluronic Acid in it), they're healing and going away. YAY!!! I use it morning and night, and under my moisturizer. My skin is soft, no longer oily and I have not have any new breakouts (even when my time of the month came). I am becoming a life long customer. I love this stuff.

  • Yadira Alexander
    Posted on

    I have been using Dermalogicas Hydrating Booster which contains Hyalurinic Acid for the past 5 months and have noticed such and improvement in the over all appearance of my skin. Every time I apply this amazing product on my skin, it feels as though my skin has been drenched in water. It is so hydrating and it leaves my skin looking smoother with a luminous glow!

  • Pootie
    Posted on

    (HA) is very effective in my opinion. The most effective topical ingredients I have found after much trial and error are as follows, retin- a, HA, querceitin, and Hydroquinone.

  • Posted on

    Also Hyaluronic Acid isn't the only way I believe to remaining and looking younger only.

  • Posted on

    I use the Estee Lauder Time Zone Lotion w/ SPF-15 which is a small be amount of Hyaluronic Acid but it's still something! Love the moisturizer tho! Has many antioxidants and other repairing ingredients as well, love it's anti-aging benefits for my skin. Only in my mid-20s but prevention sure is KEY!

  • Rena
    Posted on

    Nutrimetics Moisturizing System is my Face Lift in a Bottle. I just love it and have used it for years. I use extra on my throat and hands before I moisturize morning and night. Love it. I can buy it thru

  • Gina
    Posted on

    I agree with the comment above that the Ultra-Care Moisturizing Serum with hyaluronic acid is truly effective. I highly recommend it because it is so easy to apply under your moisturizer and it's a great price. It can be found at

  • Posted on

    Nutrimetics Moisturizing System, a hulaluronic acid serum, has been delivering the benefits of hyaluronic acid for over 12 years. It works. I have seen great improement in my skin using it along with some of their other products. I love to use it before I put on my Advanced Firming Cream and Moisturizier to pull more benefits of those products into the skin as well. In the United States and Canada it is distributed by Avalla.

  • Matt
    Posted on

    WrinkleMD delivers Hyaluronic Acid into the skin's surafce using iontophoresis technology. Its like an injection with the needle. Its more effective than creams and serums (clinically proven) and a safe alternative to injectables.

  • Stay-at-home-mom ;)
    Posted on

    I couldn't agree more that Hyalauronic Acid is the main ingredient to preserving your skin and actually turning back the hands of time when it comes to fine lines around your eyes, your mouth and forehead. I gptta say though, I have been using a serum by Jeffrey James Organics, a pretty new line I found in a salon/spa in Beverly Hills, CA and it has a wopping 50% of Hyaluronic Acid its ingredients! WAAAYYYY more than any other product I have tried! I use it BEFORE any creams or moisturizeres and it plumps and firms my skin. Gentle enough to put around the skin of my eyes too! I even use it on my neck and the tops of my hands. I swear, the skin on my hands look 20 years younger! Anyway, if you wanna try Hyaluroinc Acid, I highly recommend trying THIS one. I know you can find it online too. It's by Jeffrey James Organics and called The Serum, Collagen Activating Treatment.

  • Anonymous
    Posted on

    I love SkinMedica's Hydration complex! It's got two different types of hyaluronic acid in it. It plumps my skin up right away, and it's so light weight and effective that I use it as a moisturizer in the summer months.

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