Customize Your Cheeks With Long-Lasting Fat

If more sculpted, dramatic cheekbones and a less sunken look are what you're trying to achieve, then fat grafting to the cheek area may be for you.

During autologous fat grafting, which is usually performed under sedation of general anesthesia, your doctor will inject fat taken from another part of your body (such as your hips or butt) directly into your cheeks.

This not only puts back lost fat, but also acts as an active stem cell to rejuvenate the skin. Your skin quality will be dramatically better and your pores could look smaller.

Fat grafting is a long-lasting option that customizes and sculpts the cheeks into what the patient desires. Although cheek implants can be shaped, they tend to not create as natural of a look as fat injected into the cheeks.

Additionally, because it is your own tissue, there's no chance of an allergic reaction or rejection.

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