Signs An Injector Isn’T Qualified

According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 83 percent of all procedures in 2010 were nonsurgical, with Botox injections as the most popular noninvasive cosmetic treatment. We want to remind anyone seeking treatment to make sure all of their injections are performed by a certified medical professional in an accredited facility. offers these points as red flags (and reasons to run) for those seeking an injector:

• The injector offers deep discounts or brags of getting a great deal from outside the country on the product that you are getting.
• The injector offers to perform the procedure at your home, his or her home, at a party or anywhere outside of a medical office setting.
• The injector is unwilling to show you the packaging from which your injectable product came, as well as the bottle that contains the actual injectable substance.
• You are not given any informed consent papers to read and sign.
• You are not properly educated about complications or adverse reactions prior to treatment.
• You are not given post-treatment instructions.
• You are not given a variety of injectable options to choose from.
• The injector does not inquire about your previous injectable treatments and current medications or allergies.
• The staff is unprofessional or its unqualified members perform procedures.
• The injector cannot answer your questions about the product he or she is using.
• The injector is reluctant or unable to produce other patients' before-and-after images.
• The injector is not board-certified in plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, dermatology or oculoplastic surgery.

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