Could Glue Hold Your Browlift In Place?

During a browlift, screws are typically anchored into the scull with drilling to hold muscles that are repositioned or elevated. Now, a formal FDA clinical trial is underway to see if glue, rather than screws, stitches or other devices to anchor the brow muscles will provide good results and considerable benefits while restoring a younger appearance to the brow and forehead region. BioForm medical, who makes the injectable Radiesse, is testing BioGlue as a less expensive and less extensive means to fixating the brow muscles.

This isn't the only potential fastening option during facial surgery. Endotines are velcro-like devices that work as self-sticking anchors. Absorbable stitches are another alternative.

We'll keep an eye on what trials reveal and if new uses are found for BioGlue and other tissue adhesives. Stayed tuned for news.

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