Cosmetic Surgery As Art?

The clinical aspects of cosmetic surgery are obvious and abundant. Great medical skill is required to subtly or completely transform a person's appearance in a safe, enduring way. But a quartet of plastic surgeons are challenging gallery-goers to see their work as art.

Through May 9, the Apexart gallery in New York City is featuring an exhibit called "I am Art: An Expression of the Visual & Artistic Process of Plastic Surgery." It displays the work of four surgeons, in hopes of proving that their industry is not one of vanity and excess, but of artistry. Don't expect to see any facelifts, however; the curator and featured surgeon considers that procedure too routine to be art. Instead, the exhibit offers a glimpse at procedures he and his presenting colleagues believe demand creativity, such as rhinoplasty, breast reconstruction and post-traumatic surgery.

Unlike other artists, these surgeons show you their process, which is why the brochure warns: “This exhibition contains content that may not be suitable for all viewing audiences. Please use your discretion.” But for those truly interested in understanding the practice and appreciating craft, this exhibition is not to be missed.

Visit the official website for more information.

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