An Aesthetic Ultrasound Treatment For A Lifted Look

Not ready or comfortable with the idea of a surgical browlift or facelift? A noninvasive skin tightener called Ulthera, a next generation ultrasound device, may give your face the lift you long for without the need for invasive techniques.

Different from the kind of ultrasound used during pregnancy, Ulthera uses high-frequency ultrasound to deliver energy deep down below the skin to target the same muscle layer typically addressed in a facelift.

Ulthera, which is said to feel similar to a pin prick, also contains a technology called DeepSEE, which acts similar to an X-ray, mapping out exactly what areas need to be treated. This way, your doctor can properly assess the areas without having to make an incision, disrupt the tissue, or perform the procedure a second time.

Ulthera is FDA-cleared for noninvasive browlifts. However, some doctors use it to treat the lower face as well, and ongoing trials will determine its effectiveness in areas other than the eyebrows.

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