You Chipped A Tooth: Now What?

A chipped tooth is one of the most common smile emergencies. Luckily, thanks to the modern technology used by many dentists, this mishap can be mended quickly and easily, with little to no downtime.

If your chip is less than one-third of the tooth's surface, your dentist could prescribe bonding as the treatment. Performed in a single appointment, usually without local anesthesia, bonding involves molding tooth-colored plastic over the chip.

When the chip takes up closer to half of your tooth, it may be beyond bonding's repairing capability. Instead, you may need a stronger material, like porcelain, to ensure it won't break off. Veneers are a great option that last upwards of 10 years, making them a very durable alternative.

If you happen to chip your tooth at night or over the weekend and can't get to a dentist immediately, take an over-the-counter pain-reliever to dull any discomfort, and call your dentist for the next available appointment. You can also rinse your mouth with warm water to kill bacteria and apply ice to keep swelling to a minimum.

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