Can You Pass The Liposuction Test?

About half a million adults opt to undergo liposuction each year. However, despite its unceasing popularity, the procedure is not for everyone.

If you're considering it, ask yourself if any the following four statements are true. (Be honest!) If they are, you may want to ask a doctor about alternative options or hold off for a while.

1. I am more than 30 percent above my ideal body weight.
(Liposuction should be considered only after the weight is lost.)

2. I want a new body and a new life.
(Body contouring can improve your appearance, but it can't change who you are.)

3. I have sagging skin and uneven contours in addition to excess fat.
(Sagging skin does not have the elasticity necessary to conform to the results of liposuction. A bodylift would be required to shape the skin.)

4. I am diabetic or have chronic heart- or autoimmune disease.
(You may be able to get liposuction with certain precautions taken, but you should always be honest with your doctor in order to get an accurate opinion on whether or not your body can handle the surgery.)

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