Can You Get Bigger Breasts From A Pill?

Is it really possible to enhance your breast size by popping a pill? The answer is a complicated one-one that may raise more questions you need to ask yourself about which option is right for you, if any.

Some women find that using some oral contraceptives with estrogen results in some increase in breast size. But this is variable and unpredictable, and as soon as hormones fluctuate (when you stop taking the pill) you'll likely lose that breast volume.

Herbal breast supplements use a combination of vitamins and herbs with phytoestrogens in an attempt to enhance breast size. None of these combinations are FDA-tested for safety, none can demonstrate proven results, and moreover, some women have experienced side effects in the form of skin sensitivities and pigmentation problems in the short term. The long term effect of using these supplements is not yet known.

For now, the only safe and proven options to instantly enhance breast size is a padded bra or bra inserts. For enhancement that remains even when your bra comes off, saline and silicone breast implants are FDA-approved, and when placed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, safe and effective.

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