Soothe Psoriasis With A Milky Skin Mender

There are several medications available to treat psoriasis, the red, scaly skin condition that causes both physical and emotional discomfort for millions of people. However, if your particular case is mild and you don't feel like you're a candidate for a prescription-level treatment, you may find some relief in an over-the-counter cream like Psoralait by CAMeLK.

This Israeli import tops off its list of ingredients with something most of us would consider unusual: camel milk. It plays a big part in the soothing abilities of this special cream, fighting the inflammation that makes psoriasis so difficult.

Also recruited to calm skin and curb excessive cell growth are vitamins A and E, lactic acid, and a host of botanical oils, such as lemon peel, olive and tea tree.

Consistently using this unique blend may be all you need to keep psoriasis symptoms under control.