Can Pessimists Be Satisfied With Plastic Surgery Results?

Incurable optimist? Stubborn pessimist? Your everyday outlook going into plastic surgery has little to do with whether or not you'll be satisfied with your results, according to a new study out of California.

Researchers had more than 50 facial plastic surgery patients complete a questionnaire about their optimism and pessimism in general, as well as a survey about the outcome of their particular procedures. They were asked to complete these two surveys again four to six months after their procedures, as well.

The results showed a tendency towards age-specific satisfaction: patients over the average age of 53 were happier with their results than patients under the average age. Optimism or pessimism had virtually no bearing.

Interestingly, the researchers also found that patients being treated for depression were more satisfied with their results.

Of course, patients of all ages can be satisfied, if not thrilled, with their results. However, even though being an optimist or pessimist in daily life plays no apparent role, the researchers believe that those who simply had realistic expectations about their procedures were most likely to be content with their revised features.