Can A Tummy Tuck Transform Your Self-Esteem?

If a single part of your body makes you feel self-conscious, you wouldn't be alone in pursuing cosmetic surgery. Doctors have found that even when a prospective patient gets the green light on all pre-surgery psychological scrutiny, a single body part can deeply effect how a person feels and acts in certain situations.

This is especially true with the abdomen, as discovered in an ASPS survey. "We were surprised to see that patients already had a good general self image but had a very negative perception of one particular part of their body," stated the study author, "which indicates that our patients functioned well in their lives before surgery but felt restricted by their abdomen."

Following 30 women undergoing abdominoplasty, researchers found that, post-surgery, the patients no longer self-consciously avoided body exposure during sexual situations. Additionally, even though none of the patients lost weight, most were more satisfied with their weight after their tummy tuck.

The researchers report that a major part of the patients' post-op pleasure can be attributed to their surgeons managing their outcome expectations, keeping them within a realistic range.

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