Can A Collagen Injection Improve Your Sex Life?

Collagen injections are commonly aimed at the lips, but a controversial new use by gynecologists has people whispering and doctors debating.

The G-Shot involves injecting human-derived collagen directly into the vagina's G-spot, the elusive erogenous zone that some say doesn't even exist, to enlarge the area in size and projection.

The theory is that increasing the G-spot's size will increase a woman's physical pleasure and ability to experience internal orgasm. The $1,500+ procedure is said to last up to four months.

There are real risks with this off-label use of a collagen injection, and individual results vary. Bleeding, constant vaginal wetness, constant arousal, urinary incontinence, infections, pelvic pain and other side effects have been reported.

The bottom line: tread cautiously. Some risqué lingerie and a bottle of Prosecco could serve as a less expensive, safer, and pleasing option for both you and your partner.