Botox Without The Needle?

A promising study has taken a look at the effects of topical botulinum for the treatment of hyperhidrosis, but its potential goes far beyond the underarm.

In this study of 12 patients, a proprietary peptide molecule developed by biopharmaceutical company Revance was used to transport the botulinum toxin into the skin. In each subject, one armpit received the botulinum and peptide, while one received the control (peptide-only) cream. Four weeks later, the side treated with the toxin saw 40% less sweat production than the control side, with no side effects or adverse reactions.

Because it was shown that topical botulinum can work, this study has paved the way for the treatment of expression-related wrinkles. However, you should not expect this new form of delivery to be available over-the-counter. After clinical trials and approval, it would still be a physician-applied treatment.