A Tightening Treatment With Cellulite Perks

The FDA recently approved a new machine called Reaction, which claims to tighten the skin and address irregular body contours using radio-frequency energy, with the added benefit of a vacuum to treat cellulite and stretch marks.

Reaction is powered by CORE technology, which features three different modes of radio-frequency energy that are all used during treatment. The vacuum therapy further penetrates the effects of the radio-frequency energy and increases blood circulation, stimulating lymphatic drainage and shrinking fat cells.

The treatment calls upon heat and cold-the energy distributes heat to the underlying tissue and the applicator incorporates a skin-cooling mechanism to tighten-so the treated areas may get quite hot and/or cool during the session, which purportedly feels like a deep-tissue massage.

Regardless of the area treated, four to eight 20- to 30-minute sessions are required. However, scientific data to verify the treatment claims is not yet available.

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