A Six-Pack Without The Workout?

Etching, or liposculpture, is a technique used for patients who desire the look of six-pack abs. Using a very aggressive method of liposuction, your plastic surgeon thins out the fat on top of the stomach muscles, which gives an indentation, creating the illusion of a toned, "cut" stomach.

Keep in mind, you have to already be in good shape for this technique to work; and in some patients, this procedure can look unnatural, especially when the body is in motion. And while the results are long-lasting, if you don't maintain a proper diet and exercise routine, your stomach can return to its former appearance.

If you want the look of a subtle six-pack but don't want to go about it with surgery or ab exercises, you can achieve temporary results through cleverly-placed self-tanner. However, we highly recommend going to a professional for an illusional spray tan. Completely Bare, for example, offers The Sculpted Tan, which "chisels" your midsection via airbrush.

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