A Laser Solution For Spotted Hands

Your hands can fall prey to age spots, just like the face, but may be more prone to so-called "liver spots" due to additional unprotected sun exposure over the years. The accumulated damage, with its telltale mottled appearance, is a guaranteed age revealer.

For pigment problems on the backs of the hands, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments can improve skin's appearance. Two ten-minute treatments spaced a month apart can create long-lasting results, although some patients can require up to five treatments.

Many women are familiar with the snapping sensation associated with IPL, but today's devices feature built-in cooling, and treatments are significantly less uncomfortable on the hands than they are on the face, with limited bruising and downtime.

Your doctor may instruct you to apply Aquaphor or a similar healing ointment afterward to keep skin moist. It's important to practice diligent sunscreen use to prevent spots from returning.

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