A Fast "Facelift" With A Long-Lasting Filler

If aging is affecting the shape of your face due to volume loss and structural changes, you may be able to tweak what you don't like without getting surgery.

Plastic surgeons and dermatologists are seeing a trend towards using Sculptra Aesthetic in younger patients to fine-tune facial structure by adding volume. Addressing areas that change shape and proportions with age can create a beautiful yet subtle result.

For example, when the temples sink inwards and lose structure, they can cause the face to be unbalanced; but when they are "reinflated," the entire face can look lifted. Restoring volume helps to improve the dimension of your facial features, as well as symmetry.

In addition to Sculptra Aesthetic, hyaluronic acid fillers can achieve a similar look and also erase wrinkles, with instant results.

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