A Customized Treatment That Enhances Ingredients

An innovative treatment available at your doctor's office may make common skincare ingredients perform far better. Known as Profusion Skin Therapy, or PST, it combines the pore-clearing benefits of Isolaz with the deep delivery of active therapeutics to enhance the outcome of skin rejuvenation and acne treatments.

First, Isolaz, consisting of a laser and vacuum, is used to draw out dirt, oil and blackheads. Then, a special Profusion vacuum applicator stretches the skin and infuses it with therapeutic ingredients that penetrate deep within. Your doctor can choose from salicylic acid to treat acne, epidermal growth factors to rejuvenate the skin, kojic acid to fight discoloration, and even caffeine to combat cellulite.

Profusion Skin Therapy works quickly and skin looks better immediately; and it continues to benefit after treatment because the ingredients are delivered so deeply. Although a series of treatments is recommended, many doctors offer PST as a single-session treatment, starting as low as $75.

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