Gang Performed Augmentations In An Apartment

We've heard some scary stories about non-surgeons performing plastic surgery, but one account coming out of Venezuela this month may just top them all, thanks to a bizarre twist that would be funny if it wasn't so disturbing.

Two Maracay beauticians were arrested for impersonating plastic surgeons. Specifically, Hersi Rodriguez was charged with aiding and abetting for recruiting and transporting patients to an illegal clinic in a residential apartment where Reinaldo Henriquez, charged with aggravated fraud, provided silicone breast and butt implants.

As if the act alone isn't frightening enough, the untrained offenders are said to be members of a gang. These beauty thugs call themselves "The Silicons" and lure customers with prices too low to be professional or prudent.

The signs of an unqualified practitioner are not always this obvious, but you can reduce your risks by seeking out an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon for your own breast or buttock augmentation.