Ultrasound Promising For Silicone Implant Checkups

If you have breast implants you likely already know the drill: regular checkups to ensure all is in place as it should be. If you have silicone, you know that you need to have them screened with an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) every few years, as the FDA suggests. A recent study has shown that a different screening technique may make these checkups faster, easier and even cheaper.

High-resolution ultrasound, when performed by a surgeon, was shown to be just as effective as an MRI in a current study published in the February issue of Aesthetic Surgery Journal. The study particularly looked at results for ruptured fourth- and fifth-generation silicone gel implants.

The benefits of ultrasound over MRI, the study authors said, were convenience (ultrasound machines can be portable, which MRI machines cannot), cost, availability and "dynamic, real-time visualization of the implant." An MRI will give a static image, but with an ultrasound, you can see movement within the body.

Since silicone ruptures can go unnoticed for years and eventually cause serious health concerns if left untreated, getting easier, faster, cheaper scans may encourage women to be more diligent with their checkups.

Do you get regular checkups for your implants? How often do you go and would you go more often if ultrasound was a viable option over MRI?

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