Cosmetic Surgery For Your Career?

The average age of retirement has increased by two years for both men (average age 64) and women (62) since the mid-1990s, according to the the U.S. Census. At the same time, the graduating class of 2012 is about 9 percent larger than 2011, adding lots of competition to the workforce.

So what is a baby boomer to do? A recent news report from New Zealand says many older professionals are turning to cosmetic treatments specifically to be more competitive in their careers.

They are opting for surgical procedures like facelifts and noninvasive treatments, such as wrinkle-freezing injections or skin-plumping fillers. Those working in careers where appearance is perceived as more important, such as the media or even real estate, are leading the pack in these career-driven procedures, according to

A greater acceptance of having "work done" is fueling the trend, and people are even willing to go into debt for the procedures since they see it as a long-term investment in their career, reported.

Have you ever had a procedure done because you felt it would help you get ahead at work?

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