A Nose Job Can Make You Look Younger

Another beauty dilemma related to aging: your nose may be drooping and causing you to look older. However, you can combat an aging nose through procedures like a nose job, which a new study says will make you look up to a year and a half younger.

During the study, 50 people looked at before-and-after photos of 53 patients who had nose jobs performed. When the observers guessed the patients' ages, they typically guessed younger, especially for those patients in the photos who were older. The study was published in the January/February issue of the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery.

During a nose job, Cleveland plastic surgeon Bahman Guyuron, MD, explains, "We enhance the supporting structures and make the link between the tip and other parts of the nose stronger to assure that the nose won't be as susceptible to dramatic gravity forces and age-related droopiness that occurs to every nose."

Other treatments that may help a droopy or bumpy nose include hyaluronic acid fillers or injectables that can straighten out bumps and hooks in minutes, although the results are temporary.

Would you consider a nose job to look younger?

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