Restylane Gets Fda Approval For Lips

Earlier this year, we reported that the Food and Drug Administration's General Plastic Surgery Devices Advisory Panel had recommended Restylane for lips. Just this week, that recommendation received approval from the organization.

Previously approved to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, including nasolabial folds, the hyaluronic acid filler has now been officially approved for lip augmentation. Although used “off label” in the lips for years, Restylane's official sign off means the product is now indicated for use in the lips to improve volume and shape. Also, because hyaluronic acid boosts natural collagen production, patients using the product will benefit from that as well. Currently the product is indicated for lip augmentation in patients older than 21.

Worried about how larger lips might look on you? Inquire about doing a series of plumping injections over time, which allows more control over the final shape and size.

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