One-Treatment Wonder May Tackle Cellulite

Unfortunately, diet and exercise are not always the solutions to banishing those unsightly dimples, known as cellulite.

Cellulaze is a new treatment designed for patients who are unable to conquer cellulite with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Cellulaze differs from noninvasive procedures, going underneath the skin to target cellulite, allowing for more permanent results. "Unlike the noninvasive treatment approaches that aim to temporarily treat the appearance of cellulite, Cellulaze uses a three-dimensional approach to directly target the subdermal structure that forms the foundation of cellulite," says Michael Davin, president and CEO of Cynosure (the company behind Cellulaze).

The Cellulaze procedure is performed under a local anesthetic. The physician will use a special laser under the skin to diminish the lumpy fat pockets, release the depressed skin and increase the skin's elasticity and thickness. The results, said to be long lasting after just one treatment, are apparent after a few weeks. Improvements continue to show for months after the procedure. While Canada and Europe are currently using Cellulaze, it is still undergoing clinical trials in the United States and is not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Is this procedure something you would try? What are your experiences with other cellulite treatments?

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