This Is How Your Breast Implants Consultation Should Go

During a breast augmentation consultation, you and your plastic surgeon will discuss many options that can help you achieve your desired outcome regarding breast size and shape. It's his or her job to help you obtain the best long-term outcome with the least risk of more surgery.

When planning breast implant surgery, it's important to consider both the patient's expectations and her body measurements. The goal is to assess the patient and her existing breast anatomy to get an outcome that fits proportionately with the rest of her body.

Good decisions made by both patient and surgeon on the front end of breast augmentation produce better results and lower risk of re-operation.

Remember, bigger isn't always better. In certain areas of the country, there's a focus on large implants for first-time breast augmentation, but they can produce changes in the breast tissues like thinning, rippling, or the need for more surgery.

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