This New Way to Fight Fat Requires Only One Treatment and No Downtime

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The fight with fat is a never-ending battle. Luckily, over the years we’ve seen major breakthroughs in the fat reducing arena that have really helped to sculpt the body, all without the need to resort to surgery.

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One of the newer ways to get rid of fat is with the truSculpt 3D device, which relies on monopolar radio-frequency technology to heat the subcutaneous layer of fat for up to a 24 percent reduction in fat in just one treatment (according to the company). With three key targets in mind—dimension, depth and definition—this fat fighter can be totally customized to sculpt pretty much any area on the body regardless of how large or small it is.

Said to be downtime-free and resulting in only some slight redness after a single 60-minute session, truSculpt 3D is thought to be an, “Important contributor to the planned revenue growth,” says James Reinstein, president and CEO of Cutera, the parent company that makes the device. “We are pleased with the progress we have made with our truSculpt platform and are excited about our truSculpt 3D launch, as well as the future enhancements we plan to integrate into our truSculpt platform in the second half of the year.”

Expect to see the truSculpt 3D body sculpting system rolling out at doctors' offices at the end of the year.

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  • Jamie
    Posted on

    I think companies, especially ones like Cutera (publicly traded company) use before and after photos which have NOT been altered. I hate when ppl say things just to say things with ZERO proof. I researched this photo and this patients results and the picture is 100% accurate. This photo was even submitted to the FDA for FDA approval. I just had my truSculpt 3D treatment along with my wife and we are extremely happy! It was only one treatment and we both lost a couple inch's and not to mention we even got tightening with our treatment. My wife stomach is super tight and looks better than ever before. My wife has had multiple babies and nothing she tried would tighten her stomach until we tried the truSculpt 3D. AMAZING CUTERA! So happy the company finally figured out how to build this device. I typically don't dog out other companies but we (my wife and I) both tried SculpSure & Coolsculpting and both hurt like crazy, both were very expensive and more importantly neither worked at all.......I hate spending my hard earned money on things that don't work! Again, thank you Cutera for developing the truSculpt 3D!!!!!!

  • Arnold
    Posted on

    Looks about the same. Just pics from a different angle. Fat/love handles are essentially the same or pretty similar. Like a lot of cosmetic before and after pictures you have to look at the change in angle and change in lighting.

  • Andrea
    Posted on

    Is this permanent or does the fat return?

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