Why You Might Have To Replace Your Veneers

Some people with porcelain veneers find that dark lines have formed above the dental work. Dark lines may be caused by receding gum tissue or by bacteria penetrating the bonded cement at the gum line. If this happens to you, although repair is sometimes possible, chances are you will need new laminates.

Prevention is key for long-lasting veneers. For starters, don't use your teeth as tools. You need to abstain from biting your nails or chewing on pens in order to avoid damaging the veneers, which leaves them vulnerable to bacteria. Regular professional cleanings and proper care at home can help prevent gum disease that may lead to recession.

But if darkening of your natural teeth beneath the veneers is the culprit, you may have no other choice than to replace the laminates with a lighter shade to compensate.

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