Skinny Isn't Pretty When You Age

Although losing weight has many benefits, it can also intensify the signs aging effect as you get older. Studies have shown that people over 40 look younger if they have a fatter face, and losing just 10 pounds can make you look up to four years older.

When the face is void of much-needed fat, not only do the eyes look sunken and hollow, the skin also has little support, causing droopiness. Shadows occur, which can cause dark circles because there is no fat to reflect light. Lower in the face, weight loss diminishes the smooth, firm look of the jawline and neck area.

When weight is lost from face, the cheeks are almost always affected. In order for the cheeks to have definition and be prominent, they need fat. A lack of fat makes them look gaunt and sunken. Furthermore, as fat is lost near the cheeks, it causes deep folds between the nose and mouth.

With weight loss's aging effects, there are different approaches that can be used based on the results you're looking for. Early signs of volume loss can be temporarily corrected with injectables, while fat transfer offers a longer-lasting solution. Ultimately, a facelift is the gold standard for this type of problem.