The Super Easy Fix to Rejuvenate Aging, Sagging Earlobes

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As we age, the loss of elasticity and collagen in our skin causes sagging, and not just on your face. Your earlobes can show signs of aging too, becoming droopy and wrinkly, which can make you appear older or make it harder to hold in earrings. Although saggy earlobes may not be your first concern in the fight against aging, earlobe rejuvenation (or a Lobe Lift) is a quick and easy fix that restores lost volume to aging, damaged earlobes, so you can wear heavy or dangling earrings again.  

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“For those in their 40s or older, the collagen of the ear may deteriorate to the point that the earlobe looks flabby and wrinkled,” explains West Palm Beach, FL, dermatologist Kenneth R. Beer, MD. “In these patients, I inject fillers to restore a more youthful, less shriveled lobe.”

A good candidate for this procedure is anyone who is unhappy with excessive lines and wrinkles on their ears or the those who have stretched out earlobe holes. “In general, women who are used to wearing larger earrings or who’ve had significant sun exposure and simply want to have less wrinkled lobes are all good candidates for this procedure,” says Dr. Beer.

Using a hyaluronic acid filler, Dr. Beer says he injects the filler to plump up the deflated earlobe, which helps support the weight of larger earrings while smoothing out the look of wrinkles. “I like to use Restylane or Juvéderm Ultra Plus, but just about any filler will work,” he adds. “I have been doing this for years, and many of my patients come in once every nine to 12 months. For those who are new to the procedure, I recommend doing it every six months for the first two years and then about once a year.”

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