What You Need To Know About Buttock Implants

A high, rounded back side may be hot and sexy, but if your desire for a curvaceous backside includes buttock implants, heed this warning:

Buttock implants will permanently change the shape of your backside. They are commonly solid, silicone-formed shapes inserted underneath the buttock muscles. They can easily shift or even extrude (becoming visible on the surface), which is more likely in highly active individuals. Should you gain or lose weight, your backside appearance will change, and likely not in proportion to the rest of your body. Moreover, if you decide to have your buttock implants removed, expect the overlying skin and muscle to be stretched-out, leaving a highly disfiguring appearance that can only be corrected with additional surgery.

Featured on page 96 of the Summer-Fall 2007 issue of NewBeauty.

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