What Mature Skin Needs

When it comes to aging gracefully, mature skin often needs a little extra help. As skin ages, it can become thin, dry, dull and uneven, all of which are helped along by environmental and lifestyle factors such as sun exposure and smoking. Collagen and elastin are broken down, so skin loses its structure and firmness, which leads to wrinkles and crepiness.

Products containing retinoids (the prescription-strength version of retinol) help to rebuild lost collagen and increase turnover, speeding new skin cells to the surface and resulting in a smoother, less wrinkled appearance. Doctors also suggests using an antioxidant-rich product, as they have been shown to improve skin texture and tone.

Along with a UVA/UVB sunscreen each morning to protect against further sun damage, moisturizers containing hyaluronic acid help bind water to skin and provide long-lasting hydration.