What Breast Implants Cannot Do

Although breast augmentation can bring your figure into proportion, correct a difference in size between two breasts, and even boost your self-confidence, there are certain expectations that a prospective patient should not have.

Breast implants alone cannot lift low or significantly sagging breasts-they can only change breast size. Breast lift surgery is required to correct elevation. Breast implants also do not reshape the breast envelope (although they may tighten it in the case of low fat levels), nor do they reposition nipples.

If your natural breasts are spaced far apart, implants may not be able to give you the cleavage you envision. Your best bet may be to use implants to achieve volume, and a bra to push your breasts together.

It's also important to remember that your implant size and shape does not change as your breast size and shape change with age and weight fluctuation. If your body changes, you may want your implants replaced to maintain proportion.

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