Two Ways To Lose More Weight: Tv Off, Journal Open

If those last five (or ten or twenty) pounds just aren't coming off despite your best efforts, it may be time to put your mind to work for your body goals.

More and more studies show that a lack of awareness can lead to extra calorie consumption. Canadian research, for example, found that kids who watched TV while eating lunch ate an average of 228 more calories than those who ate without the small-screen distraction.

The same mindless munching effects adults, whether it's during meals or snacking on the couch out of boredom.

Once you turn off the TV, pick up a pen and open a food diary. Following more than 1,600 middle-age men and women, Kaiser Permanente researchers found that those who wrote down everything they ate on a daily basis lost twice as much weight as those who didn't.

But even if you're overwhelmed by the idea of keeping a journal, just the act of making some sort of note-by email, Post-It, etc.-can do the trick.

Make both of these mindful changes, and you're more likely to shatter that frustrating weight-loss plateau.