Transform Translucent, Thinning Skin

As we age, once skin is less able to retain moisture and produce an adequate amount of skin-lubricating oil, the underlying fat layers begin to thin out. As facial fat starts to diminish, thinning of the skin can occur, which may cause it to take on a bluish tint and look translucent, thus calling attention to changes in the midface like dark circles and sunken cheeks.

To address translucent and thinning skin, a prescription-strength retinoid should be used to help rebuild its thickness by stimulating collagen production. Your doctor may also suggest fat transfer to areas of the face where skin appears thinner and has lost fat and volume.

Collagen-stimulating fillers are also and option. These usually require more than one treatment session, although the results are long-lasting since your body is prompted to make new collagen, which builds up in thin areas.

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