The Uncertainty Of Cellulite

Just because you carry more weight in some parts of your body and less in others doesn't necessarily mean you're prone to cellulite and vice-versa. In fact, some heavier body types can be completely devoid of cellulite.

Structural, genetic, hormonal, circulatory and inflammatory factors can all contribute to the development of cellulite, and even if you manage to lose weight, your cellulite may still be visible-or more visible.

One theory proposes that once the collagen fibers that connect fat to the skin become stretched out, the fat cells bulge, which is what creates the rippled look. Others feel that the opposite occurs, and that loss of fat between the fibers causes the orange-peel appearance.

While your diet, metabolism and even hydration level may play a role in cellulite, do not expect liposuction to serve as a solution. Liposuction only removes fat.

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