Hilaria Baldwin Says This In-Office Treatment ‘Changed Her Face’ for the Better

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Hilaria Baldwin needs a break. As a mother of four, cohost of podcast Mom Brain, cofounder of Yoga Vida, author of The Living Clearly Method and husband to Alec Baldwin, the 36-year-old is always moving—but that’s how she likes it. We had 15 minutes to pick the entrepreneur’s brain, so, naturally, we had to know everything.

On investing in mental health:
“I try to a lot. I literally just left acupuncture right now. I’ve been going to acupuncture since I was a kid—my family is obsessed with it and I kind of grew up doing that. I know in light of what happened last year, I started going to therapy every single week. As open as I am and on my Instagram, I talk a lot with my very close friends, I talk a lot with the people who follow me, and I talk a lot with my husband. I think when investing in mental health, the first thing that I need to do is not keep it in, so talking has been extremely important to me, and then listening to my body.”

On her favorite ways to stay active:
“Aside from yoga, I love running and I’m a big believer that you should do cardio before any kind of class—whether it’s yoga or a toning class. I love Physique 57, I go almost every day, so I love Barre. There’s a lot of really great Barre classes, that’s just the one that I particularly like.

Running is great because it gets your heart rate up, Barre class is great because it works your small muscles, and yoga is great because it keeps you flexible and your circulation going—so I find that the three of them are great. And then when I’m busy, I have my Found Moment Workouts that I show on my Instagram so I’m constantly keeping my body moving throughout the day.”

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On her mother-of-four beauty routine:
It’s all about being extremely efficient and doing as minimal as possible. Have you ever heard of the book Cheaper by The Dozen? In school growing up, I remember having to read this book. I don’t remember that much about the book except that they had a lot of kids and it was kind-of wild and crazy. But, I do remember this sort-of quest for efficiency—and I laugh all the time because I never expected to have so many kids. If you asked me any of this ten years ago, I’d be like OK, good joke, I will never have kids!

But, I remember this portion of the book where they talk about the most efficient ways to use a bar of soap on somebody’s body in the bathtub. It’s so funny because I really have gotten the bathtub, the brushing the teeth, the putting clothes on—everything has to be lined up because it’s really like a conveyor belt. [Laughs] In mornings and evenings, that’s when parents have the craziest time because that’s when everybody either needs to get dressed or put into pajamas.

So, for my personal beauty routine I wake up, I brush my teeth, I wash my face, I have a couple different creams that I put on, and then I put on a little-bit of eyeliner, I curl my eyelashes, I put mascara on and that’s it. [Laughs] But even when I have to go shoot, I usually do my own makeup and I’ve gotten it down to a ten-minute minimum of being able to put my makeup on.”

On products she’s been using for years:
I don’t change-up my stuff that often because I feel like if something is working for you, you shouldn’t mess around with it. I’m crazy about ingredients at this point because I found out that I was allergic to a preservative.

I use Tata Harper—I forget what the cream is called but it’s whatever her regular face cream is. I put that on my skin and then I mix the Juice Beauty Tinted Moisturizer with the Vintner’s Daughter Oil and then I use a Marc Jacobs Eyeliner Crayon in the color Earthquake or Brownie. I love it because I’ve learned that If you have eyes like mine and you use a slightly reddish-brown, it’ll actually make your eyes look a little bit more gold. Every single time I get my makeup done I’m like teach me one new trick so I can add it to my repertoire! [Laughs]

I also like the Lancôme Doll Lashes Mascara—that one’s my favorite one, which is funny because a lot of products that say they’re clean, are not actually clean. When I got on this kick of reading the labels, I was surprised that I ended up with some of these brands that you wouldn’t necessarily think are super namaste brands. For me, they don’t have anything that irritates my skin or my eyes.”

On the importance of a clean beauty routine:
“I won’t use products with many preservatives because I feel like that’s the stuff that most of us aren’t familiar with. A lot of these brands will put organic stuff in their products and say it’s derived from a specific root, which sounds good and makes people stop reading further. The ones at the very, very end [of the list] that you can’t pronounce are the ones that are more dangerous. I don’t like phenoxyethanol, which is the one I’m allergic to. I’m starting to see that on products which claim to be made without parabens or sulfates also say, ‘no phenoxyethanol.’

It’s interesting because my dermatologist says that this allergy thing is so common and people, especially women, will always blame themselves for so many different things and then the next thing that we’re blaming ourselves for is our pimples. Sometimes it is our hormones, or stress, or what we’re eating, or the environment—it can be so many different things. But, a lot of times it’s also what we’re putting on our skin.”

On in-office treatments:
While I’m in the child-bearing years, I’m trying to keep my dermatology business as simple as possible. I think [injectables and treatments] will be something I’m interested in once I decide for sure that I’m done having kids. Until that point, I’m just trying to keep my body as clean as possible. I did get my eyebrows microbladed and I loved that, that was wild. I feel like that changed my face a lot in terms of the definition of my eyebrows. If somebody has nice eyebrows, they don’t have to wear as much makeup.”

On aging in the public eye:
“I feel like everybody has been looking for the fountain of youth forever, right? You read stories from ancient history about looking for the fountain of youth and it doesn’t exist. I think we’re pretty lucky to live in a time where you can do a little bit of this and a little bit of that. You have good face creams and stuff like that, but I feel like you do enough to keep yourself hydrated but at the same time, embrace age.

Sometimes when I’m teaching yoga, one of my students starts to get upset that a birthday’s coming but it’s like, ‘You’re the lucky one!’ We are the lucky ones to be able to complete more birthdays, you know? Wouldn’t it be sad if it was the opposite? So, embrace aging because there are people in different times and in different cultures who would look at people who are older and would really celebrate their wisdom.

Sometimes in this culture and at this point in time, aging is seen as a negative. And that’s what’s also been so interesting about being with somebody who’s twenty-six years my senior—I get to constantly have that perspective of somebody who’s twenty-six years older than me. Just because your body changes, doesn’t mean that your heart and soul are different. I think it’s important to turn that idea on ourselves as we age and forgive ourselves and embrace ourselves and be ok with looking at something different in the mirror.”

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